Why is it Essential to Switch to a PCT?

When body builders begin consuming anabolic androgenic steroids, it’s natural that hormone levels will be affected in body. Anabolic steroids which work to suppress and lower natural testosterone production if consumed incorrectly, can lead to estrogen and progesterone levels increasing beyond a healthy range. Steroid users who are actively consuming are said to be “on cycle”, and it’s important to repress unwanted rises in estrogen and progesterone level while on cycle. Therefore, a proper PCT plan is needed to re-stimulate testosterone production in body at normal rate. Our blend of post cycle therapy products have clinical studies backing the ingredients which have shown increases in testosterone levels by up to 45% in just 15 days! The principal goal of PCT is to promote testosterone production before returning to being on cycle.

To read more about PCT, visit http://www.realprohormones.com


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